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Function: Layout & Formatting


Technologies providing this function
Name Adoption Readiness Status Governance Business Form
Editoria Editoria is an open-source authoring, editing, and workflow system initially developed by Coko in partnership with the Editoria community underwritten by fiscal sponsor Aspiration Tech and funded by the Mellon Foundation. Editoria is a web-based tool for producing scholarly monographs in both print and ebook forms. Coko's PubSweet framework and Wax editor are underlying technologies in Editoria. Paged.js is available as a print production pathway, as are other format outputs.
Limited TR9 Actively Maintained Community (ad-hoc) Fiscal Sponsorship (Non-profit Organisation)
Electric Book Manager Electric Book is a Jekyll-based tool for producing print PDF, digital PDF, EPUB, website, and app versions of books from a single markdown, YAML, and HTML-based content source. It was developed by consultancy and service provider Electric Book Works.
Significant TR9 Actively Maintained Not Classified Commercial Vendor
epub.js epub.js is a JavaScript library that provides a robust drop-in EPUB reader application to any website, providing styling, pagination, and persistence. The project comes from FuturePress, an offshoot of the UC Berkeley School of Information.
Significant TR9 Actively Maintained Community (ad-hoc) Fiscal Sponsorship (Academic Institution)
Hy-phen Hy-phen is a JavaScript implementation of the TeX hyphenation algorithm.
Not Classified TR9 Actively Maintained Not Classified Volunteer Community
Hyphenopoly Hyphenopoly is a JavaScript library for providing robust hyphenation in HTML, especially while hyphenation remains patchily supported by web browsers, especially across multiple languages. Hyphenopoly provides hyphenation dictionaries and algorithms derived from Francis M Liang's classic TeX hyphenation algorithm. Hyphenopoly can be dropped in to any website. Hyphenopoly supercedes an earlier JS system Hyphenator.
Not Classified Not Classified Actively Maintained Community (ad-hoc) Volunteer Community
Hypher Hypher is a hyphenation engine written in JavaScript for web browsers using jQuery. It comes with hy
Significant TR9 Minimally Maintained Community (ad-hoc) Volunteer Community
KaTeX KaTeX is a LaTeX-based typesetting tool for mathematical expressions developed by the Khan Academy. It is billed as the fastest math typesetting library for the web because it renders math in real time without the need to reflow the page. It is self-contained with no dependencies and can run server-side or in the browser.
Significant TR9 Actively Maintained Not Classified Fiscal Sponsorship (Non-profit Organisation)
Lens Lens is an online article-reading environment developed by eLife that ”by treating a JATS journal article as a database”makes it possible to explore figures, figure descriptions, references and more without losing one's place in the article text. Lens was designed using the Substance libraries. Much of its functionality is now in eLife's Libero Editor tool.
Single TR9 Minimally Maintained Community (formal) Fiscal Sponsorship (Non-profit Organisation)
Libero Publisher Libero Publisher is the third of three journal publishing modules developed by eLife. Libero Publisher provides post-production hosting, publication, and journal management functions, including dashboards, ElasticSearch, and APIs for third-party integration.
Single TR9 Actively Maintained Community (formal) Fiscal Sponsorship (Non-profit Organisation)
MathJax MathJax is a JavaScript display engine for mathematics typesetting that works in web browsers. It provides support for LaTeX, MathML, and AsciiMath in the web based interace. MathJax has a modular design; it is designed for accessibility and interoperability with other applications.
Significant TR9 Actively Maintained Community (formal) Fiscal Sponsorship (Non-profit Organisation)
Open Typesetting Stack Open Typesetting Stack (OTS) is an article conversion/ingest service developed by the Public Knowledge Project to convert word-processor and PDF versions of articles into JATS XML for publication. OTS integrates a host of other parsing and conversion tools (including the machine-learning tool Grobid) and external services to provide the most accurate possible XML without additional user input. This service "and its OJS plugin integration" is intended to decrease the labour involved in production, and to facilitate the creation of archive-friendly and web-native article formats. OTS is in maintenance mode as of this writing.
Limited TR9 Unsupported Community (formal) Fiscal Sponsorship (Academic Institution)
paged.js Paged.js is a comprehensive print-oriented production system that runs on CSS and JavaScript in a web browser. Developed by the PagedMedia initiative, it aims to offer a best-of-breed CSS-based typesetter as open-source software. It can display both paginated output and editable CSS on a page so that the CSS can be tweaked and changes can be viewed in real time.
Significant TR9 Actively Maintained Not Classified Commercial Vendor
Readium Readium provides a "set of software building blocks" for the development of standardized EPUB and web publication reader applications for a variety of contexts—browser-based, mobile app, and desktop. Readium is a set of libraries and frameworks, and also a foundation and international community dedicated to ebook implementation standards.
Limited TR9 Actively Maintained Community (formal) Fiscal Sponsorship (Non-profit Organisation)
Rua Rua is a book publishing workflow management application developed by Ubiquity Press and is "designed to assist with the monograph publishing life cycle" from proposal to publication. Rua forms the core of the Ubiquity Book Manager service. Rua is designed around the Django framework.
Single TR3 Actively Maintained Community (formal) Commercial Vendor
Scholastica Scholastica is a scholarly publishing technology solutions provider that offers a modular peer review management system, production service, and Open Access journal hosting platform that can be used individually or easily integrated.
Significant TR9 Actively Maintained Not Classified Commercial Vendor
Stencila Stencila is an authoring and editorial development software developed by Code for Science & Society. It provides an integrated word processor, coding (R, Python, and SQL), and spreadsheet interface in the browser, and the resulting interactive document (using the same file format used by the Texture editor, with which Stencila shares code) is shareable and publishable. Stencila's "Converters" module is a Pandoc-based collection of import and export routines. eLife's "Reproducable Document Stack" initiative is based on Stencila.
Limited TR9 Actively Maintained Not Classified Commercial Vendor
Tectonic Tectonic is a modern LaTeX typesetting application, designed to be self-contained and easy to install. It automatically downloads support files so users don't have to install a full LaTeX system in order to start using Tectonic. Tectonic can use modern OpenType fonts and is fully Unicode-enabled.
Not Classified TR9 Actively Maintained Community (ad-hoc) Volunteer Community
Vivliostyle Vivliostyle is a CSS- and browser-based typesetting tool for digital and print publishing that adds book typography and layout capability of web browsers, supporting paginated EPUB and web publications or export to PDF. Vivliostyle complies with W3C standardization of CSS typesetting specifications. Vivliostyle.js was designed based on Peter Sorotokin's EPUB Adaptive Layout implementation.
Limited TR9 Actively Maintained Community (ad-hoc) Fiscal Sponsorship (Non-profit Organisation)
Wax Wax is a web-based word processor developed by Coko. It is the styling/formatting interface in use within Editoria, and the manuscript annotation and presentation portal in use in PubSweet platforms such as eLife's Libero Reviewer, and Hindawi's Phenom. Editoria provides context-sensitive tagging and formatting and a track-changes workflow, as well as many features driven by the needs of university press workflows. The initial version of Wax was based on the library (as with Texture); Wax 2 is based on the ProseMirror library.
Not Classified TR3 Actively Maintained Community (ad-hoc) Fiscal Sponsorship (Non-profit Organisation)