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Last updated: 2022-09-21 19:31 UTC
Description: Fulcrum is the University of Michigan Library's ebook hosting, preservation, and media integration platform, devloped on top of the Samvera repository platform. Fulcrum allows authors and publishers to integrate multimedia elements into a book—linked from a print book or directly integrated in an ebook—while providing a robust, richly described, and accessible reader environment and a discoverability platform for ebook collections. Fulcrum is a platform available to UMichigan Press authors, as well as a service offered to other publishers. Fulcrum makes use of epub.js, AblePlayer,, and Editoria (in testing) to provide basic and enhanced functionality.
Hosting: fully managed hosting via
Pricing: Services fee (starting at $2,500 USD for a single title)
Adoption level: Limited
Readiness level: TR9
Governance: Not Classified
Business Form: Fiscal Sponsorship (Academic Institution)
Status: Actively Maintained
Categories: Application
Functions: Annotation, Discovery, Preservation, Dissemination, Readers' tools
Collections: Repository-related
General Tags: e-book
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